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Elevating the performance and aesthetics of your Chevy Corvette is not just a pursuit—it’s a passion shared by drivers in the Puyallup region and beyond. At Sunset Chevrolet in Sumner, we understand the desire to enhance your Corvette’s capabilities and make it uniquely yours. With a comprehensive inventory of OEM Chevy parts and Corvette accessories, we empower you to personalize your Corvette to perfection. Let’s dive deeper into the offerings that await you at our dealership.

Corvette Performance Parts: Unleashing the Power Within

While Chevy performance cars are celebrated for their exhilarating capabilities, there’s always an opportunity for enhancement. At Sunset Chevrolet, we offer a range of new and used Corvette parts for sale designed to unlock the full potential of your Corvette. Here are some standout options for Corvette performance parts:

  • 6.2L Cold Air Intake System
  • Level 3 Aero Kit (for Z06 models)
  • Carbon Fiber-Wrapped Rear Diffuser Kit
  • And more!

Past Generation Corvette Parts: Finding C3 Corvette Parts, C5 Corvette Parts, & More

If you’re a fan of classic C3 or C4 Corvettes and need authentic replacement parts, look no further than Sunset Chevrolet. Our inventory of used Corvette parts for sale is tailored to meet the unique needs of vintage Corvette enthusiasts, guaranteeing that every restoration project is done with care and authenticity. Check out our range of past-generation used Corvette parts, which include C3 Corvette parts, C5 Corvette parts, and C4 Corvette parts for sale.

  • C3 Corvette Parts 
    • Corvette Model Years: 1968-1982
    • Dual Exhaust System
    • Manual Transmission Starter
    • Brake Caliper
    • Water Pump Pulley
    • Seat Belt Reproduction Lap & Shoulder
  • C4 Corvette Parts
    • Corvette Model Years: 1984-1996
    • Rear Brake Kit
    • Front Brake Kit
    • Front Suspension Rebuild Kit
    • Exhaust System
    • C5 Corvette Parts
      • Corvette Model Years: 1997-2004
      • Front Suspension Rebuild Kit
      • Exhaust System
      • Exhaust Heat & Sound Heat Barrier

    Popular Corvette Accessories

    Beyond performance upgrades, Sunset Chevrolet offers an array of accessories to add style, comfort, and functionality to your Corvette:

    • Underhood Liner with Stingray Logo
    • Spoiler Kit
    • Dual Racing Stripe Package
    • Chrome License Plate
    • Carpeted Mat for Cargo Area
    • Premium Indoor Car Cover
    • Floor Liner Cleaning Kit
    • And much more!

    Find Quality Corvette Performance Parts at Sunset Chevrolet

    No matter if you’re looking for Chevy parts, Corvette accessories, C4 Corvette parts, or expert advice, Sunset Chevrolet is the place to go. You can easily explore our wide inventory online to find and order the parts you require. Do you have questions or need assistance? Reach out to us online or stop by our dealership near Auburn and Tacoma. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you with everything concerning Chevy parts, parts warranty, and more. Start enhancing your Corvette driving experience with Sunset Chevrolet today.

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