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There was a willingness to work out a...


There was a willingness to work out a reasonable sale price. Yet when I came in to do the paperwork, you brought me a full MSRP price sale document to sign. You had already given me a written proposal, which we had with us, very sloppy. I did receive what I call a pressure sales call at home (did not ask for any calls) saying: (I needed to come in and do the deal so I don't loose the truck to another buyer); this call was not from Jacob as he was very helpful via texting. This was a cash sale, I would have simply bought or ordered another truck if this one sold. That call almost cost you a sale. I was also disappointed that a $60,000 dollar vehicle didn't come with a valet key when I asked about it. In addition, I did not like going through a smoke screen made by your employees to get in the front door. My wife gets migraines from cigarette smoke and we almost left because of that as well. On a positive note, personal when at the main truck lot were polite and courteous. Our salesman Jacob allowed us to look without any pressuring. The guy doing the sales paperwork was pleasant and answered a lot of direct questions. I seemed to run out of DEFF very fast. Your sales and maintenance people said it may not have been completely full and remedied the situation without dispute. Well done."|"

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