Oil Changes Can Be Forever at Sunset Chevrolet


1. Oil Changes For Life are available on all new vehicles and certified pre-owned Chevrolets that are two years old or newer.
2. Owners must attend a "Right From The Start" New Owner Orientation clinic to receive Oil Changes For Life, and will be notified of the next three clinics. (Clinics are held on specified Saturday mornings from 9:00am to 11:00am, and include a continental breakfast for the entire family.)
3. If an owner is unable to attend a clinic, and an oil change is required prior to the next clinic, the owner will be required to pay for the oil change (at Sunset Chevrolet Inc.) and a full refund will be made after attending the next clinic and submitting the paid bill for reimbursement. Owner reimbursement will be made only on the oil change if the oil change was performed at Sunset Chevrolet Inc. The owner is responsible for keeping the necessary records for reimbursement.
4. If an additional or replacement vehicle is purchased within two years of attending a clinic, the owner is eligible for lifetime oil changes without attending another clinic.
5. An owner may specify synthetic engine oil but will be charged the difference between regular oil and synthetic oil.
6. Oil Changes For Life certificates will be honored only at Sunset Chevrolet Inc. as long as Sunset Chevrolet Inc. stays in business under current ownership of Phil Mitchell, and are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

**Commercial/Fleet, GM Employee Purchase, and pre-owned vehicle buyers will be priced at a special discounted price at the time of service.

Enjoy OIL CHANGES FOREVER at Sunset Chevrolet

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